Leading Croatian tourism hotel chain

Valamar Riviera is a leading tourism company that operates hotels, resorts, and camping resorts along the Adriatic coast โ€“ in Istria, on the islands of Hvar, Krk and Rab, in Makarska and in Dubrovnik. Valamar is one of the largest investors in tourism with over 4 billion HRK invested in the development and improvement of its portfolio. The acquisition of Valamar Obertauern Hotel in Austria in 2018 represents an important step in expanding Valamarโ€™s portfolio internationally. Valamar operates about 12 percent of the total categorized accommodation in Croatia and can welcome about 57,000 guests daily in its 34 hotels and resorts and 15 camping resorts.

Valamar has implemented InSky Solutions' ContactInSky business solution based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform designed and tailored to the needs of the Valamar Reservation Center. Further improvements were made with the implementation of TourismInSky solution bundle what fundamentally changed business processes for Valamar. The solution was additionally upgraded and enhanced with additional functionalities which are being used by the Collection Department. On top of all, Power BI module was implemented to track huge amount of data through advanced reporting and dashboards.

Within the first few days, the results were obvious, and the return on investment was secured. Valamar was also awarded the Best Contact Center Award in Croatia by Contact Center Academy which is organized by Radilica. Furthermore, Valamar also automated all processes in Individual sales and Collection department, which in return bolstered the overall organization and enabled increased efficiency. Furthermore, Power BI enabled advanced reporting and monitoring of all activities in contact center, and Follow-up functionality increased sales, and prioritization of emails was made possible by Artificial Intelligence. Lastly, with integrations with other systems, Valamar finally has all necessary information in one place and is in position to manage those in the best way possible.



โ€œTourismInSky solution makes our guests and employees happy!โ€

Vesna Otoฤan,

Reservation Center Manager,




"TourismInSky solution makes our guests and employees happy! InSky understands our needs and creates solutions according to specific requirements. TourismInSky solution is based on Microsoft tools and platforms that are key elements of successful business philosophy in modern organizations, which we really are and strive to be. InSky is really living the CRM philosophy! We have successfully implemented various projects and are still working on new ones. InSkyโ€™s professional attitude, skilled technical staff and excellent support make our relationship a very fruitful one and will not hesitate to recommend them."- said Vesna Otoฤan, Reservation Center Manager at Valamar.

TourismInSky in the reservation center

By applying the TourismInSky solution in the Valamar reservation center, not only the constant growth of a tourist giant like Valamar has been enabled, but profitability has also increased, the number of agents has grown to over a hundred and remote working at the time of the pandemic was not questionable. The sales channel headed by a contact center accounts for over 70% of total sales.

On days when the contact center is at its peak, with over 10,000 e-mails a day, thousands of phone calls, and inquiries, the TourismInSky solution enables top priority and merging of inquiries or guests who sent it with the best possible agent at that time and in that way with the best possible answer and offer. All this in four different languages for different products, services, and promotions that Valamar offers.

Automatization of all processes, Power BI, Follow-up functionality, and AI

โ€œValamar is truly one of the best examples of how InSky's implemented solutions have affected their business and overall workflow. The award for the best contact center in Croatia is excellent proof of that. It is also worth mentioning the fact that the share of direct sales has increased exponentially with the application of TourismInSky. In addition, all processes in the individual sales and billing department are automated, and Power BI has been introduced, which in turn has enabled Valamar to provide advanced reporting and monitoring of all activities in the contact center.

We are proud of our work and achievements with the leading company not only in Croatia but also beyond, and Valamar itself is an excellent example of how InSky solutions help our customers achieve further sustainable growth and maintain their leadership position. โ€- shared Filip Nola, Partner Sales Manager in InSky Solutions.