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The leading hotel chain on the island of Hvar

Sunčani Hvar Hotels are part of the CPI group and are the leading hotel house on the sunniest island in the Mediterranean, the island of Hvar. With a wide tourist offer of six exclusive and classic hotels with the most attractive locations in the heart of the city, Sunčani Hvar offers an unbeatable offer for guests from all over the world. The vision of SHH promotes responsible tourism where the value of tradition, local culture and environment play a key role in designing the hotel and its services, with an emphasis on authenticity and providing a unique experience for each guest. SHH is a company that values its organizational culture and above all the people who are part of it.

In cooperation with InSky, Sunčani Hvar has digitalized its business using the TourismInSky solution for the hotel industry, which is based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.

Digitalization was focused on the implementation of the module for individual sales in the contact center - ContactInSky, as well as the module for group and allotment sales, MICE, and wedding organization - Groups&AllotmentsInSky. InSky solutions integrated with online booking and PMS systems enabled efficient management of the entire sales process, with the possibility of advanced real-time reporting, which ultimately resulted in improved customer relations and increased total revenue.




"InSky has provided us with advanced reporting and analytics, as well as the ability to better organize business processes."

Zdravko Tudor

IT Director

Sunčani Hvar Hotels

TourismInSky solution optimized for SHH organization

The implementation of the TourismInSky business solution included a contact center module - ContactInSky, which increased the efficiency and effectiveness of agents in individual as well as in group sales, i.e., faster, and easier communication with guests.

InSky has provided us with advanced reporting and analytics, as well as the ability to better organize business processes." – said Zdravko Tudor, IT Director


Groups & Allotments solution optimized for SHH organization

In addition to the contact center module, the data and process model in the TourismInSky system for the Group and MICE department was adjusted, and the Groups&AllotmentsInSky module was implemented.

The module is used to record collected potential clients (leads), business opportunities (groups, MICE, weddings). Furthermore, it enables the sending and creation of bids in an automated manner, archiving all versions of bids, which is ultimately used for reporting and monitoring activities by individual business partner (agency). All activities related to the partner or agency, such as telephone calls, e-mail correspondence, records of meetings and tasks related to a particular agency, are also recorded.

Within the module, dashboards and reports are used to monitor data such as task overviews, calendar of events by halls and various venues, status of offers and contracts per partner, overview of partners by marketing segment and overnight stays, expiration notifications, etc.

Integration with the Online booking system

Online booking system, or PHOBS, is a connection platform for hotels, camps, holiday homes and their distributors. The integration sets up the synchronization of offers and reservations within the ContactInSky application and the CRM platform.

Some of the advantages of introducing integration and business improvements are customer focus, conversion orientation, choice of multiple languages and currencies, the ability to set various tariff plans, many ways of discounts and supplements, GDPR compliant and most importantly - ease of use of the platform.


Integration with Diventa PMS system

The program is intended to manage the process of managing accommodation facilities. The system is divided by functions into database, sales, front office, back office, household, and hotel maintenance. With an emphasis on the needs of the reservation center, sales can take place for multiple hotels so that information is available for each of the hotels individually as well as summary reviews for all hotels in the group. Sales include some of the following functions: drafting price lists, drafting contracts, reservations based on price lists and contracts, offers created based on registered reservations, revenue tracking, reporting, etc.