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The most famous hotel brand in Cavtat and Portoroลพ


The primary goal of Remisens is that guests of accommodation facilities, which proudly bear the names of the brands under which they operate, receive the attention and status they expect and deserve. Always striving for satisfaction with the service provided, which is not based only on accommodation, but on the overall experience of staying in their facilities. Remisens currently has 2 hotels in Cavtat and 4 hotels in Portoroลพ.

Staying in Remisens hotels has a strong aesthetic dimension, unique in its appearance and superior in the services offered. Analyzing the experiences of guests, it is clear that the overall experience of their stay is not affected by the size of rooms and suites, but the relationship with guests imbued with an atmosphere of relaxation that inspires intellectually and emotionally providing experiences they want to repeat and share with friends. Remisens is a confirmation of lifestyle, elegance, and aesthetics, inspiring a memorable stay.

Remisens has implemented InSky Solutions' ContactInSky contact center module as part of the TourisminSky business solution for the hotel industry, which is based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and specially designed and adapted to the needs of a modern reservation center.




โ€œAutomation of sales activities through TourismInSky solution contributes to increasing revenue and business efficiency."

Borna Klariฤ‡

Head of Contact Center




TourismInSky solution in the reservation center

The efficiency and effectiveness of agents in individual sales has been increased through the implementation of the TourismInSky business solution. Implementation has resulted in improved communication and guest satisfaction.

โ€œThe TourismInSky solution enabled us to automate sales activities, which resulted in an increase in direct sales revenue. Advanced analytics and reports have made it easier for us to make business decisions as well as the entire business. "- said Borna Klariฤ‡, Head of Remisens Contact Center