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Erste Bank Croatia H1 cons net profit up 1.8%

One of the most famous banks in Europe


Today's Erste & Steiermarkische Bank d.d. originates from the former strong regional banks - Riječka banka and Bjelovarska, Trgovačka and Čakovečka banka, and has been operating under this name since August 1, 2003. Today it is a modern bank that ranks third in the market in terms of assets and is part of the international Erste Group, one of the largest financial service providers in Central and Eastern Europe. Erste Bank is made different by its employees, their approach to work, innovation, and customer care. From year to year, it achieves quality financial results, continuously investing in digital development, which enables innovation and creativity in approaching clients. By monitoring the financial needs of citizens and financing healthy, cost-effective projects of entrepreneurs and companies that contribute to the growth of employment in the real sector, the bank adequately encourages the development of the economy.

Erste Bank's intention was to digitalize its business and create a unique database in cooperation with InSky. Thus, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM was implemented, which resulted in easier collaboration of many employees, optimization of business processes, and faster flow of information.



"InSky has implemented custom displays and dashboards for better and easier visualization of data stored in the back of banking systems."

Emil Varga

Business Consultant

InSky Solutions



Trying to get as close as possible to the needs of its customers, Erste Bank decided to automate and digitalize its business, focusing on strengthening the customer experience. In the search for a partner company that will best deliver the solution they need; they were guided by the criteria of knowledge and experience in similar businesses in the Croatian market. The selection of InSky Solutions proved to be the best business decision given the expertise and experience in a range of implementations of CRM solutions based on Microsoft technology.


The solution implemented by InSky in cooperation with partner Veripark enabled Erste to effectively implement the digitalization of business processes. A platform has been implemented that is designed to help organizations gain and retain customers and reduce time spent on administrative tasks. At its core, Dynamics 365 provides a robust customer management system that tracks their activities and revenues. Dynamics 365 simplifies processes and increases profitability in sales, marketing, and services.


In addition to the CRM platform, InSky partner Veripark has implemented its own VeriTouch CRM solution that perfectly meets the needs of Erste Bank. VeriTouch is a vertical solution built on top of Dynamics 365, optimized with industry best practices that enable banks and financial institutions to put customer relationship management at the heart of the digital transformation. VeriTouch integrates data from the organization's background systems and digital channels.


InSky has implemented custom displays and dashboards for clearer and easier visualization of data that had previously been stored in the background of banking systems without the ability to view. The ability to choose data visualization allowed the bank easier access to real-time customer data, which ultimately resulted in faster business decisions, especially in choosing active products that the bank offers to its customers.