Sitolor d.o.o. – Pouzdan partner za izgradnju, sanacije i rekonstrukcije

Leading company for construction, rehabilitation, reconstruction, and construction works


Sitolor d.o.o. Slavonski Brod, Croatia (EU), is a project-based, market-oriented, and dynamic construction company established in 1989. With over 30 years of experience throughout Croatia and the region, Sitolor d.o.o. Slavonski Brod, according to its business results, has become one of the leading companies for construction, renovation, and reconstruction of engineered structures, as well as for performing specialized works in the field of civil engineering.

The company is 100% privately owned. It has its own administrative building, production hall, equipment, machinery, and vehicle fleet. Since it was founded, Sitolor has participated in the reconstruction and renovation of numerous facilities, including road and railway infrastructure, energy infrastructure, and food and industrial sector objects. In addition to performing construction works for both local and international investors, Sitolor has successfully participated in the real estate market with its own investment projects.

Relying on the family legacy that has persisted for over 30 years, the company will continue to conduct business responsibly and create an operational synergy of different types of expertise in each of their projects.

Sitolor's intention was to digitize its business and create a single database. Thus, the expert team of InSky Solutions implemented the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solution, which resulted in the easier collaboration of employees and optimization of business processes. In addition to the above, integration with SharePoint has been implemented.

"We have accelerated the exchange of information, further connected various departments within the company and automated key processes, thus creating added value for our services."

Katarina IΕ‘ek




How Microsoft helps the digital transformation of the industry

The implementation of CRM solutions is entirely based on Microsoft technologies. Existing business processes are developed in Microsoft Dynamics 365, as well as customized, specially designed and developed processes tailored to the needs and requirements of the client.

InSky combines advanced Microsoft technology and best market practices to assist the user in digital transformation and business automation.

Sitolor made a strategic decision to digitize business processes and create a single database. The InSky Solutions team implemented a Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution, tailored to the specific needs of Sitolor, which ultimately resulted in easier employee collaboration and business process optimization. In addition to the above, InSky has implemented a solution that adapts the course of business processes of public procurement with integration with the documentation management system and Microsoft SharePoint.

"Although there were not many examples of CRM systems in the construction industry, with the help of practical and above all operational solutions from InSky Solutions, we managed to maximize all its benefits and implement it in our business. We have fully accelerated the exchange of information, additionally connected various departments within the company, and automated key processes, thus creating added value for our services. "- said Katarina IΕ‘ek, Sitolor.