Arena Hospitality Group prikupila 788,36 milijuna kuna One of the most dynamic hospitality groups

Arena Hospitality Group is one of the most dynamic hotel groups in Central and Eastern Europe, currently offering a portfolio of 28 properties owned, co-owned, rented, and managed, with more than 10,000 rooms and accommodation units in Croatia, Germany, Austria, Hungary, and Serbia.

AHG is the first Croatian company to own and operate hotels outside of Croatia, and to have received the exclusive right to manage and develop hotels under an internationally recognized brand, which is part of one of the largest hotel groups in the world. This exclusive right to manage and develop hotels under the Park Plazaยฎ brand covers 18 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, which provides the Group with excellent opportunities for growth throughout the region.

With nineteen hotels and resorts and eight camps in lively Pula and Medulin in Croatia and in major cities which are main points of arrival and departure from a country, and regional centers such as Berlin, Cologne and Nuremberg in Germany and Budapest in Hungary, Arena Hospitality Group generates revenues in various market segments, from predominantly holiday tourism in Croatia to a more diverse business mix in Germany and Hungary, where hotels are occupied by business travelers, leisure travelers and participants in congresses and fairs.

Arena wanted to increase the efficiency of its contact center, as well as achieve the most important goal for them - greater guest satisfaction - by introducing a loyalty program. Artificial intelligence enables communication with Chatbot, which does not replace communication with an agent but further enriches it through all available channels, including WhatsApp, Viber, and Webchat.



โ€œInSky really offers a pro-active approach and complete solution for the tourism industry.โ€œ

Manuela Kraljeviฤ‡,

Member Board and Sales & Marketing Director,

ARENA Hospitality Group



โ€œOur company became an InSky client in 2019 and weโ€™ve been extremely impressed with their solutions and services. Their staff is made up of the highest calibre of qualified people and always available whenever we need them; they assisted us throughout several business projects and still do. Not only do their consultants do an excellent job with ongoing maintenance and support, but theyโ€™ve also been great about suggesting ways to improve our systems and digitalize our business processes.

When it comes to business solutions, InSky really offers a proactive approach and complete solution for the tourism industry.โ€ - said Manuela Kraljeviฤ‡, Member Board and Sales & Marketing Director at ARENA Hospitality Group.


TourismInSky solution optimized for AHG organization

The implementation of the TourismInSky business solution included a contact center module - ContactInSky, which increased the efficiency and effectiveness of agents in individual as well as in group sales, i.e., faster, and easier communication with guests. Shortly afterwards, the LoyaltyInSky module was introduced, which greatly improved guest satisfaction and created a personal connection between Arena and the guest. The integration of the TourismInSky solution with other hotel systems completes a comprehensive 360 guest view within a single interface. Chatbot and Artificial Intelligence reduced the number of guest inquiries to the contact center that required agent attention and repetitive, simpler inquiries, thus increasing the efficiency and time of resolving inquiries, offers and reservations.



Chatbot and Mailbot โ€“ tools for a faster and better communication with guests

Arena introduced a handful of new communication channel pages: Webchat, Viber, and WhatsApp. It made it easier for Arenaโ€™s customers to communicate with their Reservation Center. It also enabled each guest to communicate through channels they personally prefer, and to get answers to their questions as quickly as possible during the high load period of the Reservation Center.

Through the synergy of Artificial Intelligence and modern communication channels, Arena can provide their guests with personalized, fast, and accurate communication experience when searching for information or accommodation.