Contact Center and Individual Sales


Customers are nowadays facing the following problems, which InSky managed to find a way to resolve by utilizing Innovative ContactInSky:

1) non-holistic approach to sales, marketing, and operation processes in hospitality

2) inadequate omnichannel communication business solution for sales, marketing, and customer service

3) non-existing digital process of sales, marketing, and operations in B2B hospitality business

4) unstructured marketing process and lack of customer data together with GDPR restrictions

5) manually led processes without mobile access and approval processes in real estate.

The Innovative ContactInSky solution for contact centers is based on Microsoft technologies and has functionalities that enable agents to operate in a simple and fast manner. The application consists of the server portion, which contains the logic of incoming and outgoing calls, and the supervisor interface, which controls and monitors the operation of all agents. Apart from phone calls, it integrates other communication channels and monitors integrally all the activities through various channels. It also has a complex system of analytics and reporting, with all needed reports for a specific industry already created and the option of users creating their own reports.


Features & Benefits:

β€’ Unique interface that allows complete query management for a contact center

β€’ Automatic caller identification by phone number or e-mail address

β€’ Segmenting incoming emails and phone calls

β€’ Reviewing user details as well as all its activities

β€’ Enables skill sorting for customer service agents and skill-based routing of incoming inquiries

β€’ Enables agents to work from different locations

β€’ Integrated reporting and statistics tools that can be adjusted for each location

β€’ Predictive and analytical tools for up-sell and cross-sell


The Innovative ContactInSky solution uses Microsoft Azure Artificial Intelligence technology to improve customer experience as well as operational efficiency by identifying mail urgency from contextual content, language from the content, providing the next best action, or scheduling of the workforce.

Chatbots, sorting robots, and machine learning-guided text proofreading are AI-powered tools used by the Innovative ContactInSky application in order to prioritize emails, recognize email language or send smart notifications with alerts to contact center agents.

The solution, once ready, is implemented with the user at the location. Users are also trained at the location and all functionalities are shown to them directly before they start to use the application independently.

InSky strives to provide the best customer support possible by proactively checking with clients if there are any issues and how satisfied they are with the solution, if there is anything they wish to be improved additionally. The goal of the solution is to be user-friendly and making it easier for existing and new agents to get to know it and to start using it.

Main functionalities:

β€’ Omnichannel: Phone, Email, Web chat, Facebook Messenger, SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram

β€’ Automatic recognition of the caller by phone number or e-mail address

β€’ Automatic call forwarding based on defined algorithms

β€’ Possibility of e-mail segmentation according to different criteria

β€’ Mail flow according to segmentation criteria and agent skills

β€’ Preferred communication

β€’ Estimate of the required contact center capacity

β€’ Automatically open caller information

β€’ Quality call evaluation

β€’ The ability to record the reason for calling and converting it into a case

β€’ Automatic call routing based on defined algorithms

β€’ Displaying missed calls

β€’ Option of preparing a conversation script for contact center agents

β€’ Recording all conversations

β€’ Multi-language communication

β€’ Skill-based routing: language knowledge, experts for a specific area