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One of the most prominent hotel chains in Opatija

Liburnia Riviera Hotels was founded in 1947 in Croatia and since then has been one of the most prominent hotel chains in Opatija and beyond. It currently owns 20 hotels, villas and a campsite throughout the Opatija Riviera. They are known for nurturing traditions in the hotel industry, especially in congress and wellness tourism.

All facilities are located in ideal locations - on the one hand surrounded by the sea, and on the other lush plant life of the nearby mountain Uฤka. The location makes all the facilities of the Liburnia Riviera Hotel a desirable destination for vacation and business in Europe. With new investments in expanding the real estate portfolio, as well as investments in the digitalization of business, Liburnia wants to raise the level of top services in the oldest Croatian tourist destination.

In cooperation with InSky, Liburnia implemented the ContactInSky business solution based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, designed and adapted to the needs of a modern reservation center. By integrating the ContactInSky and online booking solutions, the individual sales process in the reservation center is additionally automated and digitalized. With the introduction of the Premium service within the ContactInSky solution, a more personal relationship with guests was achieved, which is an excellent basis for further growth and development of the share of individual sales in the total sales result of Liburnia. In addition, a Power BI module has been implemented that provides a visualized multidimensional view of a large amount of data aggregated from a variety of sources via clear dashboards and advanced reports.



"With its solutions, InSky enables us to track employees in their daily work, as well as advanced reporting and analytics, and helps organize business processes.โ€œ

Slaฤ‘ana Mogoroviฤ‡,

Reservations Supervisor

Liburnia Riviera Hotels

TourismInSky solution optimized LRH organization

The implementation of the TourismInSky business solution included a contact center module - ContactInSky, which increased the efficiency and effectiveness of agents in individual as well as in group sales, i.e., faster, and easier communication with guests. Shortly afterwards, the already implemented ContactInSky solution was adjusted in the contact center of the Liburnia Riviera Hotels for priority processing of guest inquiries for Premium hotels via email and phone calls, called CIS Premium. Premium customer service is an advanced level of customer service that extends beyond basic service activities and includes a more personalized and customized approach that creates a customer-oriented business atmosphere, so there are most experienced agents in the contact center who process guest inquiries exclusively for Premium hotels.

โ€œWith its solutions, InSky enables us to track employees in their daily work, as well as advanced reporting and analytics, and helps organize business processes.โ€ โ€“ said Slaฤ‘ana Mogoroviฤ‡, Reservations Supervisor


Integration with the Online booking system

Online booking system, or PHOBS, is a connection platform for hotels, camps, holiday homes and their distributors. The integration sets up the synchronization of offers and reservations within the ContactInSky application and the CRM platform.

Some of the advantages of introducing integration and business improvements are guest focus, conversion orientation, choice of multiple languages and currencies, the ability to set various tariff plans, many ways of discounts and supplements, GDPR compliant and most importantly - ease of use of the platform.

Automation of all processes - Power BI

Due to the increase in the scope of work and the need to improve Liburnia's business, Power BI was introduced, which in turn enabled Liburnia to provide advanced reporting and monitoring of activities with the presentation of data on offers, reservations and revenue data. Within each category, activities are monitored by sales channels, overnight stays, facilities, accommodation units, time periods, countries, and data are displayed in real time. Synchronization takes place on a daily basis with all new and changed data included in the previous 24 hours.