Mobile Application


MobileInSky app enables users to connect to all required platforms of their choice in a user-friendly interface. It is designed to run on a mobile device such as a phone, tablet, or watch.

The app is intended for productivity assistance, but the specific demand of the customer determines its functionalities and features.



MobileInSky in Tourism

A unique mobile application for customer relationship management in the hospitality sector with a number of various functionalities:

β€’ Prearrival recognition

β€’ Digital key

β€’ Destination tourism - a proactive content offering

β€’ Resort/hotel/camp location map

β€’ Automated email messages

β€’ Possibility of room upgrade

β€’ Check-in, On the Go

β€’ Online / Mobile Concierge



Get to know the world of ADIVA benefits. Become a member of the loyalty program, collect points at ADIVA pharmacies, and trade them for rewards. Easily use your digital card, read health news and ADIVA Plus magazine, search the pharmacy locator, and ask the ADIVA pharmacist a question.

The application monitors your points collected and exchanged and the current loyalty program: Faithful to Health (Vjerni zdravlju).