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Using innovations and a different approach, an initial solution architecture and a multi-year roadmap, we have been able to meet the most demanding requirements of our users both functionally and technologically as well as ergonomically

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Great process, great end result. InSky Solutions suprised with the simplicity of the solution, fast implementation, professionalism of the communication process and the quality of the finished product. Highly recommended!

Mate Boban, CEO, WEB Marketing d.o.o.

As a service focused organization we are always looking at ways of improving the way that we manage sales activities and customer relationships. In doing so, we recognised InSky Solutions as great partner in improving customer experience. Their CRM solution allows the whole business visibility into customers, driving a better and more enduring relationship.

Hrvoje Hajduk, Member of the Board, ECS

We utilize LoyaltyInSky and ContactInSky Solutions and have found the service to be professional, effective, and beneficial to our overall business. The staff at InSky Solutions has been very helpful in both consulting and implementing our main marketing tool. We highly recommend InSky Solutions and their products.

Vesna Babić, Marketing Manager, Phoenix Farmacija

InSky and Infobip have nurtured a relationship where we marry our technologies in an optimal way. We consider our partnership with InSky to be one of the most successful platform integrations where we enable a state-of-the-art solution to the hospitality industry, helping to engage and attract tourists from all over the world to Croatia. InSky and Infobip also share the core values of always prioritizing and delivering the optimal business solution for every client, along with a time-efficient and tailored implementation process so crucial in serving today's enterprise customers. We are looking forward to deepening our relationship with InSky where our synergic effects can be achieved in the most beneficial ways,” said Silvio Kutic, CEO of Infobip.

I have really appreciated the level of service, professionalism, and accountability I have come to expect as standard protocol when dealing with InSky Solutions during the implementation of CRM. CRM is helping us improve sales cycle visibility, customer service, and new market development. InSky is a great team, stock full of consummate professionals who truly take pride in their work.

Darko Jovin, Director of Logistics and IT, Tokić d.o.o.

I am delighted to share how great experience this has been working with InSky Solutions so far. We always get a fast response to all our questions and they are very easy to work with. Our productivity has gone up considerably since we started using their TourismInSky solution. Their team has helped improve our business processes and they have streamlined our business to a large degree. TourismInSky is a modern solution with all the features a Hotel needs for driving their business smoothly and efficiently. They helped us create great value for our guests.

Ana Buovac, Sales and Marketing Manager, Hoteli Njivice

With InSky Solutions everything is simple and organize well. They lead you trought the whole process so you have a very high likelihood of getting a solution that you love. Product: TourismInSky is complete solution for a unique guest experience!

Vladimir Miklić, Revenue and online sales manager, Medora

InSky understands every aspect of operational activities, sales, user experience and marketing – they truly understand business and organizational issues, and how to solve it. Their solutions are smart, simple, innovative and focused. Using RealEstateInSky solution we have a unique support to real-estate business combining and automatizing all the processes in the organization using mobile client, geolocation and desired approval process. InSky truly improved our business process.

DraΕΎen Octenjak, President odf the Board, Erste Nekretnine d.o.o.

The first and most powerful association is InSky Solutions when a company starts or advances a customer-centric approach, CRM, data analytics, prediction or artificial intelligence

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