World market and technological leader in the field of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning technology

Vaillant's history dates back to 1874, when Johann Vaillant founded his own heating installation company in Remscheid, Germany. Since then, Vaillant has been one of the pioneers of innovation and has been successfully holding its position as the market leader in heating and ventilation technology in Europe for decades.

Vaillant's representative office in Zagreb was established in 1992 and, in addition to Croatia, was in charge of Slovenia, and since 1998 for all other markets in the region. Today, in addition to offices in Zagreb, Vaillant has headquarters in Ljubljana, Sarajevo, Belgrade and Skopje. Vaillant d.o.o. Croatia is also in charge of the markets of Montenegro, Kosovo and Albania.

Vaillant wanted to introduce a loyalty program, so market research resulted in selection and implementation of the best solution for Vaillant: LoyaltyInSky. It is based on reward points that users collect when purchasing or maintaining the device by Vaillant Authorized Repairers. By collecting a certain number of points, users gain the right to receive prizes in different ways and through different channels.

Furthermore, Vaillant has implemented marketing automation that has enabled Vaillant to base its communication on previous user experience, expressed interests and selected preferences.

All these implementations have resulted in automated and upgraded marketing and sales processes and complete digitalization of this part of the business.


"InSky is a trusted partner in customer relationship management"

Sunฤana Starฤek,

Marketing Manager for SE Europe,



LoyltyInSky solution - loyalty program

The introduction of the LoyaltyInSky module through the MyVaillant loyalty program has helped increase customer satisfaction and created a personal connection between Vaillant products and services.


โ€œThe LoyaltyInSky solution, as part of the MyVaillant loyalty program, has introduced innovative technological and marketing elements into our business through a system of structured rewards given to customers in exchange for desired behavior, all to increase their loyalty and collect customer data. The personal relationship with customers provided by the LoyaltyInSky solution allows us to direct marketing activities through the most cost-effective channels that we can manage and direct at any time in accordance with market conditions. "- said Sunฤana Starฤek, Marketing Manager for SE Europe.

Automation of marketing processes

Automation of marketing processes has enabled faster and more efficient informing of loyalty program members about current offers and awards, which has proven to be a very positive approach recognized by customers. This module also includes a personalized approach, so Vaillant never fails to reward an individual member with extra points on the eve of the birthday, and the automated process does not forget to deliver a timely greeting card. The recommendation of a new member, filling out a survey, participating in action activities are just some of the opportunities and benefits that Vaillant constantly complements for its loyal and potential customers.

In order to track the interests and potential customers, Vaillant, through the marketing module, has an insight into the traffic of their website, more precisely from which geographical area the search is determined, number of clicks, time spent on the website, etc. By collecting this type of data, it is possible to improve the business strategy and locating the largest or potential area of interest.