After studying market automation process requirements in the retail sector, InSky has developed a tailored solution specifically designed for the retail industry.

One of the main reasons for launching the solution is the huge investment in productivity of retail, wholesale and distribution. On average, organizations invest nearly $20.000 per sales representative to increase sales productivity, including software tools and training, without considering the top three productivity enhancements:

β€’ Reducing the amount of time the sales representative spends before the sale

β€’ Minimizing time spent in administrative work

β€’ Finding and using data in the system more efficiently


The solution based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, in addition to its simplicity for all involved users, enables management of various real-time activities on mobile devices with automatic routing and automation, which can further boost productivity and reduce preparation time for sales representatives. The system enables less administrative work both in the field and in the office, centralized storage of all data, horizontal and vertical communication within sales teams, holistic involvement of marketing and customer support in the sales process, measuring the cost-effectiveness of individual activities and monitoring the set success factors.