InSky - More than CRM provider, your tech partner for new digital organisations and processes during and after COVID-19


At InSky, we have not only provided for our employees the possibility to work from home, but we have provided for all of our ContactInSky users the maximum conditions for uninterrupted work from their own homes or other dislocated locations so that they can continue to perform their business activities in these difficult times. Most of our customers, such as Maistra, Valamar, Liburnia, Aminess, Arena Hospitality Group, Amadria Park, Hoteli Njivice, Sunčani Hvar, Croatian Chamber of Commerce and others shared their positive experiences and emphasized the benefits of our solution providing to their contact centre agents and a full opportunity to work from their own homes, which was unthinkable for them before the implementation.

The emergency situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected the operations of all companies and their employees. InSky, as a company that is oriented to its users, focuses primarily on business continuity and is fully ready to provide an answer to any situation.

The delivery of our services has never been called into question and we would like to emphasize that we are continuing with our plans without any delay, all to ensure that our customers and partners can use and enjoy our services without compromising their own safety.

Working from home has brought the need for more advanced, but also simpler communication methods than the usual communication channels in regular business such as phone calls, e-mail, or WhatsApp / Viber groups. Our most famous and multiple award-winning self-developed collaborative solution ContactInSky is based on Microsoft technology that enables users to collaborate in a simple and fast way. The application consists of a server part that contains the logic of call management and a monitoring interface that controls and monitors the work of all users. In addition to phone calls, the ContactInSky system integrates other communication channels such as email, SMS, webchat, Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and tracks all activities through various channels. Also, the solution contains a subsystem of analytics and reporting, with all the necessary reports for a particular industry that have already been created and offers the ability to users to create their own reports. The ContactInSky solution uses Microsoft Azure AI technology or artificial intelligence to improve the user experience and operational efficiency.